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Applied Security GmbH (apsec) ranks among the top 15 enterprises in Germany focussing on IT security. apsec provides customers with IT security consulting services and develop its own solutions. apsec software is fully developed in-house. apsec is not only a technology provider and puts special emphasis on understanding the customers’ language and their industry-specific tasks.

apsec was founded in 1998 and currently employs 55 collaborators. apsec business focus is on IT consulting, software development, and protection of sensitive data in enterprise networks. apsec solutions cover governance, risk & compliance, IT audit, security for the health and social sector, file and e-mail encryption, public key infrastructures, secure authentication and applications for digital signatures

Relevant skills/experience/technologies

apsec has been successful on the German and European IT security market for more than 15 years, due to awell balanced portfolio of products and services providing customers with solutions and expertise for any IT security challenge they might be facing. apsec is particularly strong at providing consulting services for IT security solutions that really work and match the security requirements of the customer as well as his industry-specific needs. apsec consulting customers include many major German enterprises, especially in the finance, insurance and healthcare sector. apsec consultants hold certifications for all relevant IT security and software skills like BSI Grundschutz, Prince2, ITIL, ISO 2700x Lead Auditors or IT-GRC managers.




Foreseeti are forerunners in cyber security architecture management, empowering companies to proactively manage their cyber security using state-of-art technology.

Foreseeti’s flagship product, securiCAD, takes a novel CAD-based approach to cyber security. It enables companies across industry sectors to proactively manage their security architectures in an expert-validated, rational and efficient manner, founded on objective expertise. securiCAD helps companies to:

• understand current cyber security levels across complex enterprise-wide architectures

• prioritize areas to address and cyber security investments to pursue

• proactively manage cyber security e.g. when building or modifying architectures

The prototype development was conducted in close collaboration with the industry, and specifically with the energy industry and is supported by several research articles. Foreseeti now validate the tool in pilots, together with IT security consultancies and end users in prioritized industries, turning it into a commercial off the shelf product.

The target is to be a global leader in proactive cyber security architecture management, providing services that improve the security levels of critical infrastructures in Europe and globally.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies

foreseeti consists of a dynamic, dedicated team of highly qualified academics, business professionals and industry experts, all of whom have a passion for cyber security and problem solving.

Research & innovation expertise: the team includes several professors and PhDs as well as security experts from both commercial and military sectors. The team also has specific expertise in critical infrastructures and a large contact network in the field, as well as software development expertise.

Software development expertise: the company has a team of skilled developers experienced in commercial software development.

Business expertise: significant business expertise including CEO with background as business and IT strategy consultant and key personnel with long experience in cyber security market




Paluno – The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology is a research institute at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration (University of Duisburg-Essen in Essen) and closely related to the Institute of Computer Science and Business Information Systems. With eight professors and 100 research associates paluno offers collaboration possibilities for projects in basic and applied research especially for digital enterprises. It is based on extensive theoretical support in the areas Requirements Engineering, Specifications, Software Architecture, and the mobilization of existing application landscapes. paluno emphasizes the importance of methodical discussions in the world of enterprises. Only in this way enterprises succeed at transferring knowledge from research into practice.

In research and industry projects with partners across Europe, paluno develops scientific, yet pragmatic approaches to engineer such complex software systems – for the infrastructures of the future as well as the application landscapes of today. paluno’s research and transfer paradigm encourages mutual benefit from basic research, applied research and bilateral industry cooperation. Our research teams join competencies covering all phases and layers of software engineering, and bring in experience from application domains as diverse as insurance, automotive, health, energy, and logistics.

The group Specification of Software Systems (Prof. Goedicke) is involved in numerous activities regarding general software engineering methods but is especially focused on the area of software architecture and qualities of software architectures. Here the emphasis is on the creation of advanced methods to design safe and secure software systems and provide means for their analysis.