The project has delivered and validated a tool that helps to
1) better understand current cyber security levels across complex enterprise-wide architectures, including relationships and interdependencies between systems
2) prioritize areas to address and cyber security investments to pursue
3) proactively manage cyber security e.g. when building or modifying architectures.


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Applied Security GmbH (apsec) ranks among the top 15 enterprises in Germany focussing on IT security. apsec provides customers with IT security consulting services and develop its own solutions.
Foreseeti is a research-performing SME developing a novel tool for proactive cyber-security management. The company is a spin-off resulting from 10 years of research from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.
Paluno – The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology is a research institute at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration (University of Duisburg-Essen in Essen) and closely related to the Institute of Computer Science and Business Information Systems.

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CyberWiz project finishes successfully!

In summary, the project was a success. The software solution has been adapted and improved for the analysis of critical infrastructures, and has been packaged for various sales opportunities and for use by consultants. Additional value has been created by developing supporting material such as components, manuals, and documentation of guidance, best practices, and methodologies. The value of the approach and toolset has been shown and validated by two major pilot projects in the electric power generation and distribution industry. Further, a “Turing test” has validated securiCAD®’s ability to make security assessments as good as human security experts. As part of establishing commercial viability, various events with experts were performed. The approach of CyberWiz was very well received.

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